This version of Zoook only works with OpenERP version 6.1.

The installation procedure for Zoook under Linux is explained in this chapter. The procedure is well tested on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Environment tools

The followings tools and packages will be used to install Zoook:

  • OpenERP 6.1
  • python (2.6+)
  • python-setuptools
  • python-pip
  • python-dev
  • libjpeg8-dev
  • zlib1g-dev
  • bzr
  • postgresql
  • postgresql-client
  • openssh-server

You have to install with apt-get tool, or any other you use.

Django-Zoook App sources

To install the Django-Zoook application, you must download them from the repository: lp:~zoook-community/zoook-esale/django-zoook-6.1.

Then install the following dependencies.

Python Packages dependecies

This is the list of Python packages dependencies, they can be installed with apt-get tool too, or with pip command:

  • django == 1.4.x
  • django-localeurl
  • django-south
  • django-pagination
  • psycopg2
  • python-magic
  • paramiko
  • django-transmeta
  • pillow
  • django-inplaceedit
  • django-maintenancemode
  • Pyro
  • OOP (

In Linux packages systems, the Python packages starts with python- prefix, so by example, the django package, is named python-django.


OpenERP modules dependency

You have to install the zoook module, it’s available in the main repository of Zoook e-Sale Project in Launchpad: lp:~zoook-community/zoook-esale/zoook-6.1

Depends modules

The module zoook depends of:

  • account_payment_extension
  • base
  • base_external_mapping
  • base_vat
  • currency_numeric_code
  • delivery
  • django
  • poweremail
  • product_m2mcategories
  • product_images_olbs
  • product_attributes
  • product_variant_name
  • sale_multi_shop
  • sale_payment
  • sale_promotions
  • web_wysiwyg
  • web_display_html
  • partner_title_pricelist


  • nan_product_pack

All this modules are in the dependencies branch repository of Zoook e-Sale Project in Launchpad: lp:~zoook-community/zoook-esale/zoook-extra-addons-6.1