About Zoook e-Sale

The Project

Zoook e-Sale was originally developed by Zikzakmedia, and currently is unmaintained. This is a fork developed by Enterprise Objects Consulting, fully functional, with active development, free and open source, and with commercial support too.

The home page of this project are in Launchpad.

Who are using Zoook?

These are a few sites using Zoook:

  • Kikai Labs: Online store for sale 3D printers.
  • AvanzOsc E-Shop: Online shop to sale consulting services.
  • Comomio.com: Online community to sale pet services, this site uses Zoook as base framework.

If you are using Zoook as E-commerce or as framework tool, please send an email to the mailing list in Launchpad to be added to this list.


This is the version of Zoook e-Sale.

The number version is composed of two parts, separated by dots:

  • The major version: corresponding with the OpenERP targeted. This version works with OpenERP 6.1, so, the major version of this release is 6.1.
  • The minor version: this is the stable build release, now the 1.0.


  • Mariano Ruiz <mrsarm@gmail.com> (Enterprise Objects Consulting)
  • Raimon Esteve (Zikzakmedia)

Source Code

The source code of Zoook modules, Django Zoook, this documentation and some of the dependencies are in the Launchpad Project.


This software and documentation are distributed under the AGPL-3 license.