Catalog list

Catalog list, viewing a category in grid mode.

Catalog list

Product details

Product information and pictures.

Product information


Customer products like.


Header menu

Multi-level menu.

Header menu


Shopping cart confirmation.


OpenERP product setup

Configuring the product SEO.

Product detail in OpenERP

OpenERP shop options

Shop export and setup options.

Shop export and setup option

Zoook login

User can login or create an account.

Login or Signup

Zoook Customer Orders

Users can see their history orders.

Sale Order list

Zoook Customer Order

Users can see the details of their history orders.

Sale Order

Product Price Update

Users can see the price of the products according with their price list.

Product Price updated

Product Variants

Products can have variants like color, size, etc.

Product Variant

Resgistration form

Users can register in the web shop.

User Registraton

User Profile

Users can edit their profile information.

User Profile

Zoook Change password

Validation are applying.

Change password page