Zoook is e-commerce OpenERP App without connector. Forget connectors and errors.

Zoook is a web store, developed in Python with Django framework, and is 100% compatible and designed to work with OpenERP.

The orders, the stock, postage and prices (to list just a few features) come straight from OpenERP.

One feature not available a lot of e-commerce is price rules are not same at ERP that e-commerce. You need to create new rules prices at e-commerce app and maintenance two or more rate prices. Same at stock, delivery, promotions... Zoook provides and integration e-sale and relation at client (CRM) or any model OpenERP available at web.

Remember, Django is SEO application and products and categories add new features to SEO. Also available cross sells and related products features.


This documentation and the project is work in progress. Please contribute!


The application is divided into two parts: the Django Web App, and the OpenERP modules part.

The Django-Zoook Application part is the webstore itself, and the modules in OpenERP is the part allows you to configure countries, payments and delivery available to each sale shop.

You can design payments related with Picking Policy, Order Policy or Invoiced Quantity (it isn’t same cash on delivery payment or Paypal payment).

Also the Zoook module in OpenERP is used to synchronize the catalog cache.

Connection with OpenERP

Zoook uses Pyro or XML-RPC protocol and OOOP (OpenObject on Python) and Paramiko libraries to connect with OpenERP.

Client browser <---HTTP---> Zoook e-Sale <---XML/RPC---> OpenERP

For example, when a customer reserves a product in the shopping cart, Zoook creates in real time a standard Sale Order object in Draft state in OpenERP. And when the user confirms the order, Zoook moves the state of this order to In Progress, and the workflow will be launched a Packing to manages the delivery of the goods to the customer.

Catalog cache

Zoook only synchronize as cache the catalog information, but all the operations are attended by OpenERP in real time.

The reason than Zoook are synchronized with OpenERP is because if your ERP is off connection, your e-commerce will be still available.

Also, a lot of communication is catalog search (users or search engines), this is an example from an e-commerce store:

Period Visits Real Orders
Mar 1744 9
Feb 2227 7
Jun 2167 8

Zoook as Framework

Zoook is not only a shopping cart system, can be used as developement framework to construct any web application integrated with OpenERP.

The source code has everything you need to start a new project:

  • Integrated with OpenERP with webservices (customers, sales, pickings, etc).
  • Users in Django App are mapped as partners (customers) in OpenERP.
  • Developed with the most popular web framework in Python: Django.
  • Easy to modify and extend, compact and legible code.